Thoughts of a Dying Atheist

2011-01-31 18:00:25 by Dx6

By reading the news' title, you might be of those saying 'WTF ?', or of those less-geek ones saying 'OMG, Muse !'
So, for those who are of the second type, you might be interested to see my new blog. It's not much, just a project.
So go check it out !

EDIT : The blog's going to be in french from now on.

Pwoper Christmas

2010-12-23 20:57:12 by Dx6

Just wanted to wish all of you fellows a merry Christmas, and a happy new year.

Also, Muse pwn3d you all. Thanks for understanding.

Pwoper Christmas

An ode to TomFulp

2010-10-16 18:02:13 by Dx6

Oh, do we love our little Fulp. Go check out this link with you have FaceBook (yeah, I know, only few geeks have one). /339366944595

Oh, and I'm on my novel as well, maybe I will be able to publish it someday. </mylife>
Go Fulp yourself anyway.

An ode to TomFulp

(+) ? ==>[]

2010-09-23 10:08:31 by Dx6

Am I the only one who doesn't really care about Madness day ? Sure, it's fun, but it's always dozens of flash animations with crappy fight scenes or some static gun action. There's some good, pretty rare submissions, but without these (that I don't even like most of the time) Madness day would suck... hard.

Maybe I'm not in to violence, or I just don't have anything to post.
Anyway, if they could have a more gore version of Madness, with a big plot and emotion in it, I don't know, something life Elfen Lied or a bloody Death Note... something more interesting, it would be great.

So, what do you like about Madness ?

(+) ? ==>[]

Teh Blu Line !1!

2010-08-24 13:14:07 by Dx6

Guess what ? The best flash ever is here. Too bad it isn't the blue line. x)
Anyway, if you haven't seen it, now's the time, I hope to at least get on tomorrow's top 5.

And with that, I'm off, school's starting, and I've got other projects going on.
See ya.

Hey !

2010-07-11 14:05:21 by Dx6

teh blu line R here !!!1! 80947

Participate ! >=(

The second blue line collab will end by August 11th, let me see what you Newgroundsers are able of. Details on the link above for the collab's topic.

Hey y'all

2010-07-04 00:41:27 by Dx6

I'm actually writing a second book on my spare time. It is called "La fleur de lys". Of course, it's in french, since I'm not much into writing texts in english, exception made for proses, poems and songs.
I wrote some thirty pages, and I thought about my favourite flash, "Lilium", for the scenarion. I wondered what you guys would think of that.

The story takes place in New France, around 1750. She has a happy, innocent and childish life with her father and her brother. Strange unexplicable events become to rise around her, it would be in fact the rise of some parallel world of shadows, ruled by the Shadow (that same one in Lilium).
That's just a taste, since I'm already far in my writing. It would be narrated by an innocent fifteen years old girl (Lilium) that turns darker inside. So, in the end, it would be pretty dark and, maybe scary, or simply bizarre.

And thanks to Emi Greneby for creating Lilium, I got to tell her I'm using her creation... someday, at least if I intend to publish my book. x)


Hey y'all

(Fr) À la recherche de francophones

2010-05-02 18:47:32 by Dx6

Bonjour Newgrounds ! Plutôt, bonjours francophones !

Comme ça fait du bien de parler en français plutôt qu'en anglais... enfin bref. Je me demandais s'il y avait beaucoup de francophones sur le site, j'en connais quelques uns déjà. Je suis à la veille de me créer un second forum, vous pourrez vous tenir au courant. J'ai déjà un forum que j'ai co-fondé où je suis présent, si ça en intéresse, c'est une communauté française sur RPG Maker. Le flood est quand même le bienvenu. x)

Et c'est tout jusqu'à présent.

I'll be doing a second Blue Line this summer, I already have many people intereted throughout the net.

(Fr) À la recherche de francophones

Second news (who cares ?)

2010-04-17 09:33:50 by Dx6

Hello again, NG folks,

I've know Newgrounds for years, and I haven't made anything, not even an account, so here I am. I've managed to make it to the flash portal with my one and only flash. It's called the blue line, take a peek, it won't bite.
Click here to see it.

Also, is there any french-speaking person on the site ? I've only seen three or four.
I also wanted to put a shame on NG, since it seems they don't take .png formats for pictures... ><"

See ya !

Second news (who cares ?)

Hello Newgrounds

2010-04-15 08:47:27 by Dx6

Hello everyone,

Very few of you may know me. I am known as "Dx6 Zelda" in many RPG Maker communities such as Oniromancie, Yasei Ookami and Imagin. They're french communities, so you may just not care about it. x)
I'm from Montréal, french-speaking before anything. I'm not a real flash artist, nor that I compose music, but I'm good at producing pictures under Photofiltre, Flash and Photoshop. For instance, the rabbid you see on my profil is my latest creation.

See ya on the site. ++